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Lead Magnet Ideas

A lead magnet is an incentive that you give to someone to entice them into giving you their contact information. Lead magnets are a powerful way to increase subscribers.

Having a good lead magnet will be a game-changer for your business.

Magnets usually involve some sort of downloadable content that is instantly available.

Consumers don’t really like to give out their email address these days. There is just so much junk that comes to their inbox. But, if you offer them something of value, they will usually hand over their address in return.

Hallmarks of a good lead magnet:

  • It solves a problem the prospect is battling

  • It’s very specific

  • Quickly consumed

  • Helps the prospect achieve something quickly

  • It is instantly accessible by the prospect

  • It should demonstrate your expertise

Popular Lead Magnet Ideas

  • Checklist

A checklist is a very popular lead magnet idea because it’s easy to make and easy to consume.

Example: “10 Steps to Follow Before Publishing a Blog Post”

  • Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets provide a list or process that the consumer can use over and over.

Example: “42 Blog Post Headline Ideas”

  • Template

A fill-in-the-blank form your prospect can use to complete a task.

Example: “Complete Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Page Template”

  • Swipe File

A swipe file provides content the prospect can copy and paste.

Example: “5 Sales Pages You Can Use Right Away in Your Business”

  • Tool Kit

Everything your prospect needs to complete a task.

Example: “18 Tools to Power Every Step of Your Content Marketing”

  • Resource List

Places your prospect can turn to when they need assistance with a specific task.

Example: “10 Resources to Help You With Every Part of SEO”

  • Plan/Planner

Think meal planner, workout planner, content planner, etc.

Example: “52 Week Workout Planner”

Once you decide on a lead magnet and it’s ready for distribution, you’ll need to design a quality opt-in form that visitors to your site can use to sign up for their free gift.


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