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The #1 Secret to Increase Sales on Your Website

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Looking to drive more traffic to your website, learn how to increase your website sales and explode your conversions? If you own an online business of any sort, your answer here has to be a solid YES PLEASE! I mean, of course you do, right?

If you sell anything online, your business depends on turning visitors into paying clients. But what's the secret to increasing conversions?

The big secret? ...know who you are selling to!

The art of converting sales on your website really comes down to knowing who your ideal client is. And I don't just mean knowing who they might be, like they are women or they are in a certain age range, or they live in a certain area.

I mean, knowing exactly who they are like they are your bestie.

Look, I get it. This doesn't seem important and many business owners skip this step entirely or skim past it with minimal thought and effort. But nailing your ideal client down to the last detail will make your marketing efforts work like nothing else will. If you get it right, you will enjoy years of traffic and conversions. If you get it wrong, you will likely struggle. Or, spend too much money on advertising, which can create a real problem with your profits margins.

Here's what you should know...

How to increase website sales
How to increase website sales

Who they are - Take some time to think about who your ideal client is in detail. Create an avatar or ICA, ideal client avatar. Yep, this is so important, there is an abbreviated term for it.

Your ICA should include:

Male or female? Both?

How old is she?

What is her name?

What does she look like?

What does she do?

How does she spend her day?

What books does she read? Podcasts?

What are her pain points?

Who does she admire?

Where does she shop?

What does she need?

Once you have a very clear idea of who you are marketing to, everything else can be built around that. Including, and especially, your website!

Here's an example: If you are marketing to menopausal women, your website is going to have a very different look and feel than it would if it were for, let's say, teens who are into anime or men who are looking to get in shape. Am I right?

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When your ICA visits your site, you want them to feel as if they've arrived home. They have found their peeps, their solution. They relate to the material on your website, the colors, the style, the language. If you nail this, your ICA will feel trust right out the gate, and that trust goes a long way.

If you align your site with your ICA, visitors will immediately feel a connection to you. Connection builds trust, and trust brings in the sales.

Your challenge for today is this...take a few minutes to get very specific about who you are selling to and write down all the details about your ICA. Then take a look at your offers, website style and language to make sure they align.

It's worth the time, I promise!


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